Fedora Solutions has adopted the following initiatives to assure quality work to our clients:

  • Professional Staff
  • Quality Service
  • Customer Relationship

Professional Staff

Our professionals have extensive experience in multiple specialties.  They are well trained with billing logistics.  All personnel understand the requirements of the quality policy and abide by the requirements outlined in the Quality Manual.  Training and development is also provided to our employees to educate them on latest updates and career growth. An aptly skilled workforce dedicated to back-office processes, results in higher service levels in terms of accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Quality Service

Our Quality Assurance team monitors and evaluates of all the processes and implementation of improvements to ensure that our client receives appropriate and high quality services as committed. 

Reconciliation Methodology
  • Billing Reconciliation: We have adopted dual reconciliation methods to the billing functions to overcome human and non-human errors. The first level of reconciliation involves cross-checking the charge sheets between different coders before the charges are approved. This is followed by Master Reconciliation Report in which all the functions are re-checked before the claims are filed to the insurance companies.
  • Payment Posting Reconciliation: This process determines whether the payments (insurance or patient) are posted correctly.  Batch Payment and other useful reports are generated and reconciled with the deposit. 

Monitoring Updates

  • The key to increase revenue and reduce denials is keeping an eye on all updates.  Our research team keeps vigil of updates to LMRP / LCD, Articles and Announcements for all drugs, CPT codes, list of deleted, revised and newly added ICD 9 and HCPCS codes and modifiers. Our Collection Team keeps abreast of updated Fee Schedule and Contracted Rates from every insurance company to keep track of underpayments.  We inform the client and work jointly to  assess the  impact of the updates.


  • Apart from day to day audits conducted by the Account Managers, we also have a Monthly Auditing process in which each task of an account is analyzed.


  • Any hindrance to the quality of our work is discussed and a root-cause analysis is performed.

Customer Relationship

We encourage open communication with our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

  • Each process is documented and reviewed by the client. 
Online Support
  • We provide online chat support for our clients to resolve questions and queries on prompt.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Reporting is done for all the functions on daily basis with queries.
  • Monthly Reporting and Practice Analysis Report is submitted to our client to let them know the output.
Query Tracking System
  • We have an effective Query Tracking System to track all outstanding queries and their resolution.
Account Executive
A single contact point will be assigned to each client.  This is conducive for effective communication.  This Account Executive will communicate with the client on a regular basis and implement major policy decisions both at client office and at Fedora to smoothen the process flow.

  • "We have been working with Fedora Solutions for almost two years now. I must say they have been a tremendous help in working with our numerous accounts. Since they have been working with us we have been able to remain timely with our patient's accounts. I want to thank all staff members for their hard work and the many hours they have put into helping us." - Evelyn Rangel
    Account Rep
  • "I have been working with Fedora Solutions staff for the last couple of years and they have been a big help with our billing and any question we have. They are quick to respond by email or phone and they are always willing to help in anyway they can and a pleasure to work with."- Tammie Ambriz
    Insurance Supervisor
  • "It has been a great pleasure to work with Fedora Solutions for the last two years.  They have learned every aspect of our billing department and have been a tremendous help in keeping our business current.  They have taken on everything we have given them & helped keep pace with our expanding practice."- Sandra Wheeler
    Payment Coordinator
  • "It has been my pleasure to work closely with staff at Fedora for several years. The staff and Fedora are friendly and has been a great asset to our companys success. The staff at Fedora are extremely knowledgeable and are quick to solve problems such as coding and billing issues and the appeals process in the event a claim has been denied. I look forward to many more years working with Fedora and their highly trained staff."- Cynthia Hukill
    Account Rep